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Allied Health

Allied Health Professionals

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Access a range of allied health services in your community.

Gunning Community Care engages a team of regular visiting allied health providers offering ongoing treatment and support for residents

For appointment times and bookings please contact Medical Reception
on 4845 1166 ext 2

Community Health Child & Family Nurses

​The Child and Family Nurses are located at the Courthouse Building and are available every Monday fortnightly from 9.00am to 12 noon.


ALL bookings to be made through Yass Community Health by calling 02 6220 2000

Physiotherapy - Katrina Kerr

Katrina is passionate about helping people and being able to assist the wider community to get the most out of their lives. She is committed to providing quality hands on care to help you Recover.

Katrina grew up in Canberra and recently moved to Yass to bring up her young family and enjoy the more relaxed lifestyle that the Yass Valley brings. 


Katrina completed a Bachelor of Science at ANU in 2006. She then decided to follow her passion and complete the Masters of Physiotherapy course at the University of Canberra in 2008.

Working in a sports physiotherapy clinic has allowed Katrina to work with several sporting teams. Katrina was the team physio for the Australian Young Matildas squad 2011-2013.

Katrina has treated athletes from -

Canberra United Womens Football

Matildas football

Canberra Raiders

Canberra Olympic Mens football

Belconnen United Blue Devils

Australian Waterpolo

ACT Meteors Womens cricket

Capital Football squads

ACT Softball

Fees are as follows:

NEW Patients First visit (private under 65 yrs) - $100.00

LONG Visit (private under 65 yrs) - $100.00

FOLLOW UP visit (Private under 65 yrs) - $85.00

Patients with EPC from GP (Subsidised payment) - $45.00

OVER 65 years (Co Contribution—”Conditions apply”) - $45.00

Private Health Fund Is available

Podiatry - Tim Gale


Tim Gale from Optimum Health Solutions is available on Fridays for appointments from 9.00am - 4.00pm. 

Tim obtained his Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Sydney.  He has since spent his time practicing in multiple regions across western Sydney and the southern tablelands.  Tim also provides podiatry service in Goulburn, Boorowa, Yass and Crookwell.


Tim enjoys all areas of podiatry with a keen interest in Biomechanics and sports injury.  He also has a passion for general and diabetic foot care and believes that Podiatrist play an important role in managing diabetes and overall health.

Fees are as follows:

NEW Patients First Visit (private under 65 yrs) - $80.00

Follow up appointments (private under 65 yrs) - $70.00

Patients with EPC from GP – (Subsidised payment) - $35.00

OVER 65 yrs (Co Contribution - "Conditions apply") - $35.00

Mental Health Social Worker - Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy is a qualified Mental Health Social Worker and has recently joined the Gunning Community Centre.  Amanda offers weekly appointments to individuals with a MCHP (Mental Health Care Plan) and referral from the GP.

What is an Accredited Mental Health Social worker?
Accredited Mental health Social Workers are social workers who have extensive postgraduate training and experience in field of mental Health.

Amanda has been a Social Worker for 14 years including a Mental Health Social Worker for eight years.   She has a Master’s in Counselling and specialises in helping clients diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, OCD, Eating Disorders and PTSD.  

When should I see an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker?
An Accredited Mental Health Social Worker can help you when you experience difficulties that have an impact on your ability to manage the demands of day-to-day life.  For example, when you:
•    Persistently experience low mood or anxiety,
•    Have a relationship breakdown
•    Experience family, friend, or workplace conflict
•    Feel socially isolated
•    Are diagnosed with or suspect you have a mental health disorder.

Amanda has training in the follow therapies:
•    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
•    Acceptance Commitment Therapy
•    Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
•    Relationship Counselling
•    Family Therapy
•    Bereavement Counselling
•    Trauma Counselling

How do I receive a Medicare rebate?

To receive a Medicare rebate when seeing an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker:
1.    Make an appointment to see your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist.
2.    Ask your GP for a mental health care plan and a referral letter
3.    And then book an appointment with your local AMHSW.

The cost per session is $140 with a rebate of $77.80 back from Medicare.
Sessions run for 50 minutes and can be held over the phone or zoom if client is unable to attend the office.

Women's Health Nurse - Leah Lloyd

Leah Lloyd is employed by Gunning Community Care and provides a range of women's health nursing to the gunning community such as:

- Cervical Screening (the new pap smear)

- 6 week Postnatal Checks

- Education on Incontinence, Contraception and Menopause

- General Chit Chat and all things "Women"

Leah has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and has always had an interest in Women’s Health. 


She has completed her Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health Medicine, the Reproductive & Sexual Health Clinical Accreditation Program and Trainer Teacher in Natural Fertility Education Certificate. 


Leah recognised that women tend to take care of everyone else in their lives before themselves, in an increasingly busy world. We offer a supportive service for women to come and talk about anything they need to, in a safe and understanding environment, to ensure their health and self-care is a priority.

Leah's appointments are currently FREE due to the funding assistance of the "Upper Lachlan Foundation".

Leah is available weekly on a Monday and appointments can be made via contacting Medical Reception on 4845 1166 ext 2 of online via hot doc.

Dietician - Nutrition Care Servcies


Rosemary Mifsud from Nutrition Care Services provides quality Dietetic Services providing nutrition support in the home and is available every third Friday of the month.

Rosemary is the director of Nutrition Care Services and her team comprises of dietitians who provide dietetic services to medical centres, nursing homes, government, corporate and non-profit organisations.  Their mission is to deliver evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy as Early Prevention and for Chronic Disease Management to optimise health outcomes and promote quality of life.

Fees are as follows:

NEW Patients (private without EPC from GP) - $90.00

FOLLOW UP visit (private without EPC from GP) - $60.00

EPC from GP - Bulk billed

Registered Psychologist - Carey Callaghan


Carey Callaghan is available every month via appointment OR is also available via a secure web link at any time. 

Carey provides therapy and counselling for the following psychological difficulties:

Anxiety and Stress                                               Obsessive Compulsive Disorder    

Depression                                                            Addictions 

School Refusal or Truancy                                 Behavioral Problems
Deliberate Self Harm                                          Eating Problems or Disorders 

Sleep Difficulties                                                  Trauma or PTSD

Grief or Loss                                                          Relationship Difficulties
Family Conflict                                                      Stress Management

Low Self-Esteem                                                  Assertiveness Training 

Relaxation Training                                               Anger Management


Occupational Therapist - Alice Beardmore

Alice Beardmore is a self-employed consultant Occupational Therapist living in the Upper Lachlan Shire with my young family. I have over 20 years of post-graduate experience and have worked in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia. I specialise in adult assessment and equipment prescription and recently started my own business Alice Beardmore Consulting. I offer services in the following areas:


- Hospital to home transition

- Community based OT assessment, equipment prescription and minor home modifications

- NDIS functional capacity assessment, equipment prescription and service provision

- My aged care assessment, equipment prescription and minor home modifications

- Claimant support to navigate CTP, ICARE and Life Insurance schemes

- Palliative care assessment and equipment prescription


I am pleased to be working in conjunction with The Gunning Community Care Centre to support individuals in the local area to maintain, regain and improve independence in all areas of their lives.

To make a booking to see Alice please contact Medical Reception on 4845 1166 exst 2.

Denture Clinic - Rebecca Betz

Rebecca is available on a Wednesday at Gunning every fortnight.

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