Access a range of allied health services in your community
Gunning Community Care engages a team of regular visiting allied health providers offering ongoing treatment and support for residents
For appointment times and bookings please contact Medical Reception
on 4845 1166 ext 2
Community Health
Child & Family

First three Thursdays of each month - 9am to 12noon. Immunisation clinic is the first Thursday of each month, with bookings through Yass Community Health 6220 2000

The Child & Family Nurses are located at the Courthouse Building.


Natalie D'Rozario & Ethan Ashley from Origin Physiotherapy & Wellness is available every Wednesday for appointments from 9.00am - 4.00pm. 


Fees are as follows:

  • NEW Patients First visit (private under 65 yrs) - $100.00

  • LONG Visit (private under 65 yrs) - $100.00

  • FOLLOW UP visit (Private under 65 yrs) - $85.00

  • Patients with EPC from GP (Subsidised payment) - $35.00

  • OVER 65 years (Co Contribution—”Conditions apply”) - $35.00

  • Private Health Fund Is available

  • Womens Health Physio (Initial appointment—1 hour) - $140.00


Tim Gale from Optimum Health Solutions is available on Fridays for appointments from

9.00am - 4.00pm. 


Fees are as follows:

  • NEW Patients First Visit (private under 65 yrs) - $80.00

  • Follow up appointments (private under 65 yrs) - $70.00

  • Patients with EPC from GP – (Subsidised payment) - $35.00

  • OVER 65 yrs (Co Contribution - "Conditions apply") - $35.00


Kate Harris from Nutrition Care Services provides quality Dietetic Services providing nutrition support in the home and is available every third Friday of the month.


Fees are as follows:

  • NEW Patients (private without EPC from GP) - $90.00

  • FOLLOW UP visit (private without EPC from GP) - $60.00

  • EPC from GP - Bulk billed

Registered Psychologist

Carey Callaghan is available every month via appointment OR is also available via a secure web link at any time. 


Carey provides therapy and counselling for the following psychological difficulties:

Anxiety and Stress                                                 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder    

Depression                                                              Addictions 

School Refusal or Truancy                                    Behavioral Problems
Deliberate Self Harm                                             Eating Problems or Disorders 

Sleep Difficulties                                                    Trauma or PTSD

Grief or Loss                                                           Relationship Difficulties
Family Conflict                                                        Stress Management

Low Self-Esteem                                                    Assertiveness Training 

Relaxation Training                                                Anger Management

Occupational Therapist

Shannon Kara from Coree Services is available every Wednesday.

Shannon provides occupational therapy and allied health assistance to support and enable you to lead a fulfilling and active life.

Shannon helps people with physical difficulties, chronic and neurological conditions, learning difficulties or social-emotional challenges, to live a satisfying life.

To make a booking to see Shannon, please call 0488 379 870 or email

Mobile Ultrasound

Will-C Mobile ULTRASOUND clinic is available every fortnight on a Monday.

ALL Ultrasounds are BULK BILLED and are able to perform the following imaging services:

  • Abdominal

  • Renal

  • Prostatic

  • Pelvic

  • Transabdominal and Transvaginal (Patient Consent Required)

  • Dating Obstetric

  • Third Trimester Obstetric

  • Vascular Doppler Studies including Carotid, venous and arterial

  • All Musculoskeletal including ultrasound guided cortisone injections for conditions such as bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis and aspirations of effusions, ganglions and Bakers cysts etc.

Laverty Pathology

Laverty Pathology is currently unavailable at Gunning due to COVID

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